If you would like to hire Sandra to give a Zumba class at your venue, it is £40-£60, with a class of 15-40 people maximum (exclusive of venue hire & publicity).                                    For a charity event or any other event it will cost from £100-£150.                    For a Wedding dance £30 - £80 per hour (excluding the cost of hiring a studio space).

Adult Class-age 16+
Over 50's Class- aimed at those who are over 50's, but is also offered to anyone, who would like a lower impact class.

When looking to book my class in the GLL/Better Sports Centres,                   It May Be Listed as a Zumba or Dance Fitness/Aerobics class. Look Forward To Seeing You In Class!

Contact Sandra on 07718 623 548 or email zumbasandra72@gmail.com for more information